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Chinese wisdom tells us that certain peopleare destined to come together in this lifetime.

When people are so destined, nothing - - not geography, not age, not circumstance - - will change that destiny. These people are thought to be connected by A Red Thread.

Are you asking these questions?
Where do I start? The myriad of choices can be overwhelming and the challenges daunting. . .
What are the pros and cons of a domestic vs. international adoption?
Should I consider an in-state adoption agency vs. an out of state lawyer or facilitator?
How do I know that an agency is right for me?
How long does the process take?
What can I do to shorten the time?
Can I simplify the paperwork involved?
What costs can I expect, and can I minimize them?

Things to think about when considering A Red Thread Adoption Services, Inc.:
We provide:
- Counseling to help you sort out the questions and find answers.
- Home study services for those seeking domestic or international adoption.
- Information and referral services pertaining to adoption option; and post placement services to help new adoptive families get off to a good start.

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